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Updated: Jun 2, 2023

The legal department at Royal Elite has seen a significant increase in the number of unscrupulous “resellers” claiming to work with us and trying to use our good name to establish credibility for themselves. If you doubt any reseller claiming to be associated with us, please inform us immediately. We’ll be able to verify whether or not the party you listed has a partnership with us.

If you’ve been contacted by an organization claiming to have buyers waiting to purchase your membership, you might be subject to a membership resale scam. Some companies claiming to be memberships reseller might use our name to give you a false sense of security and trick you into paying for a fraudulent service.

We have been notified by some of our clients that they have been contacted by broker companies or travel agents (sometimes posing to be Sandos) about vacation offers to rent, sell, or exchange weeks of their membership, or to buy their membership from them.

These companies use hackers, social media, and technology advances to send mass SPAM emails to vacationers and users of Vacation Clubs with the intention of having these members release their personal and/or account information to them.

Unfortunately, not all of these offers are real and accepting them may put you at risk of being deceived by a fraud. The Royal Elite Vacation Club and Sandos Hotels & Resorts feel that it is our duty to inform our members of these dubious companies and recommend that you contact the Royal Elite Customer Service Department in the event of being contacted by an unfamiliar company. This will allow us to identify any dubious companies, notify our members in advance in order to avoid these scams in the future and to start legal actions against this companies.

⚠One technique that is practiced by these companies is to use an email format similar to that of the Sandos and/or Royal Elite staff. For example:


As you may notice, this address is in fact a GMAIL account, not a Sandos account.


Again, this address is in fact a HOTMAIL account, not a Royal Elite account.

All legitimate email accounts operated by our hotel staff end with ✔“”; likewise, all legitimate email accounts operated by our Royal Elite staff end with ✔“”.

All official accounts of Sandos and Royal Elite don't have a personalized name, example:


All our official accounts describe the position of our staff, example:

✔, ✔, ✔

Should you have any concerns about emails you have received or receive in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


  • Email address:

  • Telephone No. from Mexico: (984) 873 4493

  • Telephone No. from Argentina +54 800 345 8114

  • Telephone No. from Canada and USA: 844 992 8339

  • Telephone No. from any other country: +52 (984) 873 4493

Our best wishes to you and your family.

We hope to see you soon at your Vacation Home!

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